Delux Garden Shed

When is a shed not a shed?

When it’s a Timber Studio Deluxe Garden Shed. You see, we’ve been building garden sheds for over 45 years, so our deluxe garden sheds really are in a league of their own. Handmade to order in our Bangor workshop, your shed will be crafted from sustainably-sourced Scandinavian whitewood and made to the exact size you require. It will have the exterior finish and roof type that you specify. We can even include special features, such as electrics, lining and insulation and a security pack. Then it will be delivered and installed in your garden by our own team of expert joiners.

So whether you want a storage shed, a secure workshop, a hobby room or, dare we say it, a ‘man cave’ (or to be more P.C., a ‘person cave’) your Timber Studio Deluxe Garden Shed will fit the bill nicely.

Heritage Shed STYLE

Your Heritage Shed provides a stylish and practical storage space and it can serve a variety of uses - from garden storage and potting shed, to a quiet retreat for your hobbies.

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Classic Storage Shed STYLE

The name says it all. The basic structure comprises tongue & groove weatherboard, a single door, a window (or windows, if you prefer) and an apex roof. But the secret lies in the quality materials...

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Potting Shed/Green House STYLE

Beautiful and practical, this model can serve as both a potting shed and a greenhouse. The frontal glazed area provides a superb growing environment for young seedlings and plants, while to the rear there is ample shelving, storage and workspace.

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Playhouses STYLE

Who says children don't get enough fresh air these days? With this playhouse sitting in your garden, you'll have trouble getting your young ones back indoors!

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Stables / Animal Pens / Kennels STYLE

Our animal housing is not only for cats or dogs. We can create pens and stabling for larger animals too, such as ponies and llamas, as well as smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, pygmy goats or pigs. And let's not forget our feathered friends.

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